Treating Lice With Coconut Oil

Over-the-counter treatments are no good and our AirAllé® treatment is the best lice treatment on the market. Coconut oil is somewhere in between. When combined with anise spray, it works about 41% of the time, according to a clinical study. OTC treatments are successful about 23 percent of the time. Our AirAllé treatment is successful 99.9 percent of the time and we’ll re-treat you for free within 30 days if there are any problems.

Many studies have proved that super lice have led to a decline in the effectiveness of store-bought lice treatments, especially in the last few years. Over time, head lice have built up an immunity to chemicals that used to easily kill lice. They can stay alive while drenched in chemicals for a long period of time. This makes lice treatment more frustrating than in past years.

Coconut Oil Compared To Other Home Remedies

Coconut oil works in a similar way to mayonnaise or tea tree oil but is safer. Coconut oil must be combined with anise oil in order to be successful at all, which makes it more effective than other home remedies. Mayonnaise and tea tree oil can be harmful. Coconut oil is actually good for you and provides many beneficial nutrients. It’s good for your hair, skin and scalp.

Coconut oil mixed with anise oil may be much more effective than OTC lice treatments such and Rid or Nix, but it is still not comparable to our AirAllé lice treatment. Theirs is no replacement for that.

Coconut oil may seem like the less expensive option, but if it doesn’t wind up working, you’re going to have to come to us anyways, which is often the case for the patients we treat. Don’t waste your time using something that MIGHT work. Instead, come into our clinic for a treatment that DOES work, performed by some experts.