Guys gathered to watch the Super Bowl and cheer on their team

Super Bowl Vs. Super Lice

Chips, football and Six Pack of Beer on a table in front of a big screen TV with a Football field. Great for Super Bowl themed projects. Horizontal format.

It’s that wonderful time of year again when families get together, eat lots of good food, and watch America’s favorite past time — football.

The Super Bowl is a chance to root for your favorite team and create fun and friendly family rivalries.

It’s a great way to celebrate the end of January and look forward to the Valentine’s month of February.

But something else that enjoys the Super Bowl and people getting close together on couches, in fields, and in houses are super lice.

We all want to take down the other team and in the case of head lice, this can be a difficult task.

How The Team Gets Together

Most of the time head lice are spread by direct head-to-head contact with someone who already has head lice.

When you gather around your huddle deciding the best play, you better hope that your teammate, a.k.a. your younger brother or sister doesn’t have some smaller and nastier teammates spreading onto your head.

Lice don’t jump, swim, or fly, so the only way they can play the game on your head is if one of your teammates gets too close or if you wear their helmet, jacket or another item of clothing.

The Defensive Strategy

The best thing to do when you find lice in your hair is to get rid of it for good.

First, you have to recognize the opposing team when you see it, and although lice are small, they can be pretty easy to recognize.

Most lice are grayish or tan in color, and sometimes if you look closely, you can see blood in them. If you see anything that looks like a bug crawling through your child’s hair, it’s time to put on your pads and take action.

Lice Clinics of America, College Station, has the best defensive players around, with our FDA-cleared AirAllé device that can tackle any head louse for good.

The AirAllé device dehydrates head lice and 99.2 percent of their eggs in the hair of adults and children 4 years old and up. We then finish the game with a comb out and topical rinse to take down any remaining players.

Our AirAllé device is the Tom Brady of head lice treatments and will guarantee your head to be lice-free.

AirAllé treatments are done in our clinic in under 90 minutes. We also have other options to accommodate those who would prefer to get rid of head lice from home.

Winning The Game

There is nothing quite like the feeling of victory after your team has fought long and hard to win.

At Lice Clinics of America, College Station, we want you to have a complete victory over super lice and all their friends. That’s why we provide services to make that possible.

Score the winning touchdown for yourself and your family by visiting our clinic when you are facing the itchy opponent.

With Lice Clinics of America, College Station in your neighborhood, you can make sure the only focus of this year’s Super Bowl is that the losers have to wash dirty dishes after the game.