Professional Conroe Head Lice Removal Services

Looking for lice treatment in the Conroe, Texas area? Look no further. We’ve got the best lice clinic right in your own backyard and we offer a lice treatment that is only offered within the Lice Clinics of America network. We treat lice with our famous and revolutionary Airalle device that is FDA-cleared and medically proven to be effective at killing lice through dehydration.

With the large number of children who contract lice per year, parents of Conroe, Texas should be aware of their resources in case an outbreak affects their family. Most parents don’t know much about head lice and it’s our mission to educate families in the Conroe area. For instance, did you know that lice are so common that 6-12 million kids are infested each year? Or that lice will infest clean or dirty hair but actually prefer a clean head of hair? Did you know that lice lay eggs, called nits and those are actually the trickiest to get rid of? We have endless amounts of knowledge when it comes to head lice, lice treatment and lice education. We’ve dedicated ourselves to researching and keeping up-to-date with science pertaining to lice removal remedies. Our Airalle device is the most modern and effective approach to lice removal treatment and won’t break the bank.